4 ways to increase your hotel bookings

London, 27 September 2022

We know how hard it can be for travel companies to increase accommodation bookings, especially when you need faster connectivity, more and cheaper product choice, all with significant cost savings and reduced complexity. 
With iVectorOne, single API for hotel connectivity, companies can easily link their booking systems to all hotel sourcing options, simplifying simultaneous interaction with 120+ Channel Manager platforms, Bedbanks and unlimited direct contracts.

Here are the 4 ways you can increase your hotel bookings with iVectorOne:

1. Increase hotel choice for your customers fast

  • Adopt a mixed approach between bespoke direct contracts, channel manager sourced dynamic rates and product via B2B wholesalers

2. Control your accommodation supply 

  • Combine hotel supply coming from multiple sources (direct contracts, Channel Managers or Bedbanks)
  • Switch on and off each source as the market or your requirements change, for maximum flexibility 

3. Improve profitability and efficiency

  • Lower operational and IT costs – integrate and update a single API for all of your hotel inventory
  • Secure more competitive product – switch on and off new suppliers to test them with minimal effort and investment

4. Improve your website’s conversion rate 

  • Offer accurate, prioritised and mapped search results without the need of a GIATA license 
  • Rely on world-beating search and booking performance granted by a proven technology partner as intuitive


Access our tried and tested technology already in service for 40+ clients in 12 countries

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iVectorOne API hub is based on a pay-as-you-go booking fee model and has a self-serve, quick supplier activation portal that puts OTAs and tour operators in control of their hotel product and suppliers.

iVectorOne is delivered by intuitive, a leading UK technology company with over 19 years of experience in supplier integrations.  

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With our full-service package for peace of mind we prioritise your connectivity, ensuring you can start selling without worrying about delays.

The newly established collaboration grants Hotelrack access to buyer-seller API connectivity through iVectorOne, facilitating faster sourcing and distribution processes.