Full-service package for peace of mind when connecting to Channel Managers  

After reviewing how travel companies add new connections for access to live dynamic rates and inventory, we’ve identified ways to help accelerate this process for you. With our full-service package for peace of mind we prioritise your connectivity, ensuring you can start selling without worrying about delays. 

Check these off your list – we’ve got it covered for you!

  1. We identify the right Channel Managers for you
  • advice on how to engage with hotels
  • source market recommendations for suppliers and channels
  • personal introductions to speed up the initial process
  1. We align with all 4 parties involved: hotel, Channel Manager, yours and our team
  • engage with the hotels and Channel Manager for configuration
  • create the shell contract for test synchronisation
  • synchronisation, certification and test booking with your team
  • final sign-off for go-live
  1. We offer training and support to add new properties
  • web-based training sessions of end-to-end property details set-up
  • tailored handover on the steps required to complete certification
  • dedicated support team for 4 weeks post-handover
  1. We help you start selling in 1-2 months
  • own application to for directly contracted (static) and dynamically contracted (channel managed) contracts 
  • Hotel Extranet to manage bookings, audit the agreed rates and provide manual updates

With all of these in our hands, you can change the time-consuming process of connecting to Channel Managers. Instead, enjoy the freedom to concentrate on what really matters: selling.

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The newly established collaboration grants Hotelrack access to buyer-seller API connectivity through iVectorOne, facilitating faster sourcing and distribution processes.

The partnership enables Tourmind to expand their hotel portfolio, as well as supply more than 20K directly contracted properties to iVectorOne customers.