Take the stress out of bedbank connectivity

Integrate once to take control and expand your 3rd party hotel supply fast and with minimal investment.

Why not allow us to fully manage your bedbank connectivity?
That way, you can focus on your customers.

We know how hard it can be to quickly expand and maintain your bedbank connectivity, especially when hotel supply comes from multiple API sources. 

Demands of third-party hotel connectivity

Some of these might affect your resources

Give up the hassle and allow iVectorOne to aggregate and fully manage the handling of your third party suppliers.

Simplify to grow:
the benefits of a multi-supplier hotel hub

Access all suppliers from one source

Easily access and manage all suppliers in just one search result, using one, simple API connection

Access market-leading products

Return the best prices, availability and mapped content in one search, super-fast

Make the move once - and forever

Seamlessly integrate the system into your existing booking platform using tried and tested technology

Manage and grow your hotel supply

Easily replace or add only the suppliers you need on a self-serve portal

Path 57

Focus on your core business

Reduce internal costs and effort to meet the commercial needs of your business

iVectorOne gives full management, choice
and control 
of your bedbank supply

It’s a single point of contact to centralise the real-time search, book and cancel for a wide variety of properties coming from combined sources.

“We chose to integrate with intuitive’s iVectorOne primarily for two reasons: their selection of suppliers matched our top 10 suppliers’ list (plus they are developing the one missing), and the cost model. ”

“Cutting down the numbers of suppliers we must support and the current batch of APIs we need to keep up to date was the most vital thing for us as it will allow us to bring the focus back to other IT priorities within our business. In addition, having trialled a couple of hotel mapping solutions, the cost savings by using iVectorOne was a boon.”
“I would happily recommend intuitive. Their approach has been very open and responsive to our requirements.”

Why are the alternatives of a multi-supplier API hub bad for business?

Your current bedbank supply may be unwieldy and handled by different technical systems. We’ve unpacked some of their disadvantages, so you can clearly see why moving to iVectorOne is worth it.

One-by-one supplier integration

Your own mapping and static data management

Grow your bedbank supply fast,
while you sit back and relax 

Our solution eliminates the stress with a pay-as-you-go booking fee model and a self-serve, quick supplier activation approach, that puts you in control of your hotel product and suppliers.

Why choose iVectorOne to power your bedbank connectivity?

Perform a single integration with iVectorOne and get access to 70+ bedbanks and hotel suppliers and and at the same time reduce the number of suppliers connections you need to maintain.

iVectorOne is a unified hotel aggregator API connection that can be seamlessly added to any reservation system for limitless 3rd party hotel inventory expansion.

iVectorOne API hub connects your travel business to all external hotel sourcing options via one API and offers quick and easy access to both 3rd party bedbanks and wholesalers and Channel Manager platforms.

Test new hotel suppliers at no integration costs and easily switch off the suppliers that no longer perform or become irrelevant for your business from the bedbank self-serve portal.

Expand your brand and target new geographic regions with fast time-to-market for new and enhanced hotel product that is already available in iVectorOne 3rd party hotel portfolio.

intuitive are not just a technology provider, we are your growth partner. We understand your travel business and the challenges you face with hotel sourcing and connectivity and we are keen to help you overcome it.

iVectorOne bedbank connectivity implementation

Case study

Company Background

Travelpack started as a high-street travel agency in the mid-1980s. The company now has offices in the UK, India and Canada, selling in several different verticals including flight consolidation, online travel and tour operation. Travelpack has been operating online since 1999, working for both trade and consumer sectors. With over 28 years’ experience, they are offering their customers a wide range of independent tours, holidays and tailor-made itineraries.


Following the growth of NDC, the management of all flights and hotels suppliers has become a cumbersome process. Maintaining and updating the APIs, adopting different hotel mapping solutions together with the generated costs were leading to a far from optimal business efficiency. Moreover, all interactions with other suppliers' systems were done via manual search & book inside external supplier systems, along with their currently implemented APIs...


The main goal of the project consisted in providing with a unified technological solution which could effectively aggregate and simplify the handling of 3rd party hotel suppliers, offering the ability to reserve faster and more reliably than before.


Travelpack were provided with an easy to integrate search, book and cancel API that is powering their B2C website, package holidays and trade channels. To complement the existing connections and to increase their product offering, intuitive added new bedbanks to their suppliers’ list, that were provided with the latest content and a fully deduped hotel database.

  • Multiple supplier integrations were performed and hotel supply increased significantly
  • Maintaining and updating product databases process took over by intuitive team
  • Important time saved for Travelpack’s staff and better efficiency due to reducing call times
  • Reallocating Travelpack’s resources to more profitable processes

Start boosting your bedbank supply today

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