Optimise your direct contracting with our enterprise-proven system

Integrate once with iVectorOne, the universal hotel connectivity API, to efficiently link your booking system to our high performing solution that simplifies the world of direct contracting.

Expand your direct
with hotels

iVectorOnes connects you to a unique, modular solution to load
and manage your direct contracts and inventory.

A contracting tool
that’s as fast and powerful as your business

Sourcing and managing your direct hotel contracts can be complex, time consuming and expensive. intuitive have developed a unique solution to optimise the management of your hotel supply offering significantly faster loading times and accurate data loading, combined with world-beating search and booking performance.

Our direct contracting solution substantially reduces the time it takes to load and manage your hotel contracts, that way driving efficiencies in both time and resources needed to manage your inventory.

Load a complex contract in 10 minutes​


Our Commercial Director, Andy Keeley walks through how our high performing solution simplifies the complex world of direct contracting. Find out how you can optimise the management of your hotel supply, offering significantly faster loading times and accurate data loading, combined with world-beating search and booking performance.

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Flexible loading tool for all contracts

Our solution delivers flexible and comprehensive tools for all contract types to reduce contract loading times with safeguards that reduce data loading errors. Our cloud-based API delivers market-leading, super-fast performance with dramatic reductions in hosting and internal operational costs. Stay on your existing reservation platform and integrate our contracting system for best-of-breed direct contracting capabilities.


Making sense of hotel sourcing and selling

An understanding of how to source and sell hotel beds is vital for most travel companies. But it’s far from simple, with a myriad of different options that can be complex, time consuming and expensive. In this case study, we explore those options in this fast-changing market – a must read for Tour Operators and OTAs.

Why our direct contracting system?

With our market-leading contract loading system, it enables fast, accurate and dynamic data entry to dramatically reduce contract loading times and eliminate data errors. You will reduce hosting and operational costs whilst maintaining and improving performance across the business.

It allows you to manage all your hotel supply from static direct contracts to dynamic Channel Manager rates. Our solution includes supplier confirmations, hotel extranet and a high-performance cache build to allow you to keep pace with the ever-changing hotel landscape.

Youtravel search performance

By moving to iVectorRooms, Youtravel reduced their hardware requirements from 160 physical servers to 7 iVectorRooms cloud servers. Search capacity also increased from 10 million searches per day to 150 million!


Easy integration

Our contracting tool includes a modern, easy to integrate search and book API to connect your hotel inventory to all your selling, distribution and booking channels. Access to our Supplier Extranet enables hotels to manage bookings and control rates, allocations and offers. Our system enables you to put more product on sale quickly and accurately.


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