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iVectorOne is intuitive’s seamless, stress-free API connection that allows established Travel Companies to control and expand their 3rd party hotel supplier inventory with very little investment and effort. It’s a one-time integration with a specialist solution which will help you increase your product offering, reduce costs and effort and gain competitive advantage.

Offering a competitive hotel product to your customer is the mounting result of substantial contracting efforts, great supplier liaisons and complex technology integrations. All with both operational overheads and financial costs. iVectorOne was created to reduce internal costs and streamline operations. With these key pillars of your organisation solved, iVectorOne helps your business reach new levels.


Connectivity can be a challenge when you offer inventory from multiple bedbanks. iVectorOne simplifies the complex world of hotel wholesaler supply so you can easily connect your reservation system to a single, high-quality and fully managed travel API integration solution. Not only can you cut down the number of suppliers’ APIs you need to maintain, but you are also able to provide your customers with updated content by using a self-service platform such as iVectorOne.


As an established travel business owner, you are interacting with multiple bedbanks at a time and most probably feel overwhelmed by the cost, time and effort of managing various external interfaces and platforms. You must perform the integration with each of them, get the content mapped, normalize the data with your current suppliers’ data and update all these connections with the ever-changing technologies. Instead, iVectorOne operates as a unified hotel API aggregator for all your different bedbanks, allowing you to return all your agreed rates, availability and mapped content, super fast.


intuitive have been growing and enhancing 250+ 3rd party travel resources providers, truly believing that connectivity is at the core of the travel industry. We understand the technological strengths and the market position of each of our 90+ integrated bedbanks; at the same time, we are aware of the uniqueness of every travel business that might target different regions, caters to the needs of distinct social communities or specializes in exclusive products.

Based on our expertise, we can offer you advice in choosing the proper suppliers, depending on your requirements and strategy.

After the initial integration and certification with iVectorOne API, operations become smooth and put you in control. The mapping, static data management and updates are carried out by our team. You just focus on your core business and your customers.


Based on 18+ years of catering to some of the largest worldwide OTAs and Tour Operators
having different technology challenges, we captured all that travel experience and tech know-how in an all-in-one platform. iVectorOne was created to solve all of the major hotel connectivity issues in one product:

  • Fast search results (adding less than 0.3 seconds to the supplier regular search response)
  • Deduped content: hotel mapping as standard
  • Self-serve solution: you’re in control of which properties and which suppliers to use
  • Scalability (supporting more than 15 mil. transactions/day)
  • Reliable cloud solution with a 99,99% guaranteed uptime


Our objective is to make iVectorOne available to all customers and only charge for the bookings you make via the platform.

With ONLY a booking fee-based plan and a small monthly fee for deduping/mapping, similar to a SaaS model, you can optimize your operations and leverage your business growth. No hidden fees or look-to-book ones.

You grow, we grow!
Having one of the leaders in mapping technology embedded in our platform, with only one integration you get access to deduplicated, clean content. Hotel data coming from different suppliers will be mapped and grouped together to return a complete and accurate search result. This will remove overbookings, inaccurate product bookings or duplicate properties.

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