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Channel Manager connectivity available now via iVectorOne!

Integrate once with our high-performing API solution to quickly and efficiently link your booking system to leading Channel Manager platforms and keep a direct relationship with hotels.

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We have made it easier than ever before to connect to Channel Manager platforms and work in the way you and the hoteliers want to.

Replace the paperwork but
keep the relationship to get the best rate possible

Loading, managing and maintaining your direct hotel contracts can be difficult, costly and time-consuming for all parties involved.

We created our dynamic Channel Manager application to simplify how OTAs and Tour Operators access a vast inventory of direct contracted hotels worldwide by integrating with a single API.

This allows them to add and manage any channel management platform effortlessly, without the hassle of handling multiple integrations.

Accelerate access to live, dynamic rates and inventory: 5 key steps in connecting you to Channel Managers

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Our easy-to-integrate Channel Manager application, that sits behind iVectorOne, lets you retain your negotiated commercial agreements with the hoteliers, allowing them to provide real-time, seamless synchronisation of the latest rates and inventory.

Connect once your booking system to multiple Channel Managers

By connecting with multiple world leading channel management platforms you will be able to quickly increase the accommodation choices for your customers.

Grant them access to new relevant properties: from global hotel chains to exclusive independent or boutique hotels around the world.

We provide just one connection to 30+ already integrated Channel Managers platforms, giving travel companies access to thousands of properties globally and linking them to their B2B or B2C booking engines.

iVectorOne: one-stop shop solution for
all of your hotel inventory needs

Whether you rely on bedbank connections or prefer to cut the intermediary and sell hotels directly, we offer you the flexibility to source your hotel products in different ways, making you able to react fast to changing market conditions.

iVectorOne can connect you to an ever-growing list of 100+ hotel inventory providers worldwide (70+ bedbanks and wholesalers andΒ 30+ channel managers)Β with just one implementation effort. In this way you don’t need to liaise with multiple connectivity partners to ensure you have an option for all your hotels.

To direct contract or to connect?

Read our Commercial Director, Andy Keeley’s opinion piece here.

iVectorOne also links your booking engine to our market-leading contract loading system, to meet your direct contracting requirements.

Why choose iVectorOne to power your
Channel Manager integration?

Our Channel Manager application facilitates direct sourcing and selling, allowing hotels to provide real-time, seamless synchronisation of the latest rates and inventory.

Our high-performing API is a stand-alone, modern solution designed to help you easily manage and connect to all your preferred channel manager platforms without building multiple integrations.

iVectorOne API hub delivers very fast connectivity to 3rd party bedbanks and wholesalers, Channel Manager platforms and own direct contracts, allowing you to manage all of your hotel supply in one place.

Our application integrates easily with your current booking system using tried and tested technology, offering limitless expansion and automation of your hotel inventory.

Within iVectorOne we offer 100+ already integrated travel suppliers from across the globe: bedbanks, DMCs, chains, switches, GDSs and Channel Manager platforms and we are adding new connections every month. Need a supplier that isn’t on the list? We can integrate them.

Benefit from super-fast search responses and zero time-outs as the rates and inventory are stored locally in your Channel Manager application. Limitless search performance and scalability as your business grows.

Supporting high-volume rate and inventory updates that are pushed to you.

Our market-leading, innovative channel manager application is widely used by some of the most prominent travel industry players in the world, such as Love Holidays and Thomas Cook.

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