How to improve your bedbank supply 

with iVectorOne

London, 29th November, by Madeleine Barber

iVectorOne, the new API platform from tech firm intuitive, is designed to help you connect with the best hotel suppliers for your business and improve your hotel room supply.

With the pandemic requiring agents and tour operators to add or replace hotel room supply quickly and with minimal investment, as well as continue to provide a diverse range of product, there’s never been a better time to look at ways to streamline and improve relationships with bed banks and other hotel suppliers.

iVectorOne is an ideal solution for online travel agents and tour operators aiming to speed up their business growth while successfully meeting the readily increasing demand for travel. The new hotel API platform is a single point of connectivity for more than 90 API integrations with a self-serve, quick supplier activation approach. This means the handling of third party hotel suppliers can be aggregated and simplified, ultimately reducing deployment time and saving users money.

The more suppliers, the better
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Describing iVectorOne’s pricing model as one that “means business”, intuitive has created a cost-effective product suitable for travel firms of all shapes and sizes. There’s no upfront, look-to-book or hidden fees, and iVectorOne only charges for bookings that are made on the platform. This allows agents and operators to “pay as they grow” and invest funds into their customer-facing functionalities.

Having one fully managed and multi-supplier hotel hub removes the stress of controlling bedbank connectivity. With iVectorOne implemented, operations become smooth and easily controlled with users benefitting from the support of the iVectorOne team on content mapping, static data management and keeping maintenance up to date.

The platform allows agents and operators to return agreed rates, availability and mapped content in a single, combined search across all suppliers. In addition, users are in complete control of the properties and suppliers they work with, as well as how quickly they enable them.

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This new single API connection that is iVectorOne – which 5 travel firms have already trusted and taken onboard since its launch six weeks ago – operates in line with intuitive’s core belief: that connectivity is at the core of the travel industry. By integrating iVectorOne, travel companies will benefit from some of the tech firm’s best solutions, continually upgraded supplier connections and a product roadmap, whilst paying only for the business they conduct.

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