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direct connect or via an aggregator?

London, 13 June 2023

In the fast-paced world of travel, every second counts. For your company’s growth, it is crucial to have a fast, precise, and efficient connection to your hotel suppliers. Travel professionals often debate whether to work directly with suppliers instead of using an accommodation aggregator such as iVectorOne, believing this will help maintain high levels of speed and performance.

However, not all aggregators are the same.

Super-fast, deduped search results with one search API

With iVectorOne, you can experience the power of super-fast, deduped search results through a single search API. Our advanced technology and cutting-edge methods ensure minimal waiting time and provide access to multiple suppliers with complete and deduped data. The lightning-fast speed of iVectorOne ensures that you never miss out on a booking due to slow search responses.

       Unleashing the Power of Technology

iVectorOne’s performance is powered by the latest C# and .NET coding methods. Our REST-based API is hosted on AWS with infinite scalability, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. 

      Exceptional Speed and Accuracy

Speed is the essence of iVectorOne. Our platform processes, dedupes, and sorts the suppliers’ search results in less than 20 milliseconds. 

     Performance Stats for Complete Control

Transparency and logging provide you with full visibility into the performance statistics, allowing you to check the suppliers’ performance directly from the iVectorOne self-serve portal.

Trusted by 50 customers around the globe

With iVectorOne, you’ll have complete control over your inventory, ensuring accuracy, speed and flexibility at all times, all conveniently integrated through a single API.

In addition, with extraordinary speed and efficiency, our own contract and channel manager search is able to provide results in an impressive 100ms, despite the complexity of contracts and the tens of millions of daily searches.

'To deliver a leading travel management service in the Humanitarian and Academic sectors, we need to be sure our specialist content, covering all areas of the globe, is maintained and delivered to our clients in a robust and efficient way. Working in partnership with iVectorOne helps ensure that the technological connection points with our accommodation suppliers remain current and best tailored to the supply we deliver.'
Rowan Burnett
Supplier Relations Manager for Diversity Travel
Experience the speed and efficiency of the iVectorOne hub in 3 easy steps

1. Sign the commercial agreement and have instant access to your test environment.

2. Integrate the iVectorOne API with support from our team and our documentation.

3. Go live! Send us your live supplier credentials to get your account ready to go live.

In the competitive landscape of the travel industry, having a fast and efficient connection to hotel suppliers is crucial for your company’s growth. With iVectorOne’s super-fast, deduped search results and advanced technology, you can experience unparalleled speed and accuracy. Embrace the efficiency and flexibility of iVectorOne, and unlock the true potential of your business in the ever-evolving travel industry.

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